Ideas to Make the World Bearable

Collab + Lote84 + Khalil Alomar 

Education Program + Streaming Show + Video-Collage



          for a wild method of bibliographic construction,
          one able to collect the traces and to draw zones of contraband,
          so theory is not reduced to academic circuits
          with dusty libraries managed by mechanical devices,
              - because i will not write to obtain a title -
          although I am aware of all the institutional rituals,
          i write to turn things broader,
          a knowledge aware of all the structures that try to silence it,
          to erode the center by its peripheries,
              i write to confirm my wild bibliography,
              the one that dares to exist in the blind spots
              of the official archives

          jota mombaça / traces of an undisciplined methodology / 2016

: :

Since 2018, I have been an artist in residence at Lote84, an art collective in South of Brazil. There, I was able to propose and organize multiple projects between the limits of art education, community engagement, philosophical and political theory, and decoloniality.

One of these projects is “Ideas to Make the World Bearable”, an arts-philosophy-sociology course where I mediate talks on post-structuralism, decoloniality, anti-imperialism, anti-capitalism, and poetic/political thought.

The project also unfolds into a streaming show of poetic experiments with video-collage, using the recorded classes as primary source to experiment with sound art, video collage, theory collage, and storytelling. The course and show act as a hub for independent publications, a virtual autonomous zone with the intent of building micro communities to address and discuss a possible theoretical path for resistance to the present's open wounds.

Poetically, the project allows the artists involved to experiment with the concept of an educational show built around different artistic processes - poetry reading, sound art, video collage, glitch art, and spoken theory.

By trying to reach a point where ideas can become as delirious as art itself, “Ideas to Make the World Bearable” also accepts the discontinuity of communication and information in post-global societies, creating a web of speeches that suggest more than admit, question more than give answers, and provoke thinking so it does not rest still.


In 2021-2022, the web series will present eighteen episodes with experimental sound production by Vancouver-based artist Khalil Alomar, poetry and voice overs by Brazilian art collective Lote84, and hosting + editing + video-collage by Vancouver-based artist Rafael Zen.

Some of the authors used for the theoretical research of the 2021 edition were: Homi Bhabha, Gayle Rubin, Rosaura Sanchez, Ruth Benedict, Pierre Bourdieu, Maria Bento, Gayatri Spivak, Judith Butler, Margaret Mead, Valerie Solanas, Jota Mombaca, Frantz Fanon, Shosana Zuboff, Maria Lacerda de Moura, Hannah Arendt, Seyla Benhabib, Michel Foucault, Achille Mbembe, Slavoj Zizek, Susan Sontag, Bell Hooks, Paulo Freire, Gilles Deleuze, Theodor Adorno, and Murray Rothbard.

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